Bison - Earthbound Reissue

This is the record that started it all for them. Written by James after the dissolution of his incredible skater hardcore band S.T.R.E.E.T.S., this was an intentional step away from the punk and directly into the sludge...the problem being that you never really wash all that punk off, even if you're rolling in sludge.
I met these 4 gentlemen when I saw they had a huge drive on their way out to Toronto for the Aggressive Tendancies tour that used to happen across Canada and sponsored by EXCLAIM! I suggested i would meet them in Brandon, Manitoba and I set up a hell of a show that devolved into a bit of an all-nighter, missing their next gig in Thunder Bay.
When i saw them the next week, i could tell the pace hadn't slowed down but man, could they ever kick out the goddamn jams...and consistently over the years they have been the friendliest off-stage and the most visceral live display on-stage.

I am so happy to be a part of this and help continue the legacy that begun it all. 
Feel free to order the record from the pre-order link on the player above or email me directly at:
recordstore [at] no list records dot com

Bison LP Cover.jpg


First pressing limited to 666.
283 - European BISON tour only. Colour in Colour - 180 gram 12" vinyl cut at 45 RPM. (20 USD + shipping) - Red inside transparent piss yellow
283 - North American mailorder. Colour in Colour - 180 gram 12" vinyl cut at 45 RPM. (20 USD + shipping) - Gold inside transparent deep purple
100 - Label only exclusive RARE BLACK - 180 gram 12" vinyl cut at 45 RPM. (30 USD + shipping)

noel053 - Earthbound CD cover

noel053 - Earthbound CD cover

Compact Disc - Digipak

This is a compact disc version of Earthbound.
It has been out-of-print for almost a decade.
10 USD + shipping

noel053 - Earthbound interior art

noel053 - Earthbound interior art


As we get details and photos we will introduce bundles that will include cassettes, shirts and super limited slipmats featuring the album artwork. 
All sales will be offered discounts if the choice is made to get a bundle after you lock yourself for a first pressing piece.